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Audi: Brand Ambassador Tour

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Audi: Brand Ambassador Tour

The Challenge

Audi wanted to create a luxury experience that would reach affluent prospective customers on a personal level.

The Idea

Our unique approach used traditional social networks to identify, vet and engage Audi influencers who were willing to serve as true Brand Ambassadors. Each event was designed and customized by our team, who worked as the Brand Ambassadors’ personal event planners – handling all the scheduling, venue acquisition, invitations and vehicle logistics. Everything about the experience evoked the Audi lifestyle – from the facilities and catering to the personalized attention everyone received from the knowledgeable Audi product specialists and event staff who were there to answer questions and offer demonstration drives.

The Result

  • 100% of participants rated the events “Very Satisfying”

  • 97% rated the vehicle experience “Very Satisfying”

  • 63% said they’d be in the market for a new vehicle within 12 months