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Courtney Hurley

courtney hurley
writer and associate producer

When I mention my trip to Croatia, the reaction I usually get is, “Why did you choose to go there?!” Clearly, the civil war that plagued the area in the early 90s is still fresh in everyone’s mind. It’s a great example of how authentic experiences can change perceptions, exceed expectations and uncover the truth.

Croatia is an amazing country with wonderful people and the time I spent travelling along the coast from Dubrovnik to Split was a truly life-changing experience. Like a good producer, I made a check list to insure my friends and I embraced every second of our time in the land where pine trees meet the sea.

Croatia To-Do List:

  • Indulge in a luxurious Croatian meal – fish, Croatian lobster, black squid risotto
  • Drink Rakija – a popular Croatian liqueur
  • Eat famous Pag island cheese
  • Complete a mini triathlon – bike, swim, hike
  • Learn how to say cheers in Croatian – Živjeli!
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Listen to local music