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Dan Klepp


dan klepp
account director / senior writer

Like most people, I’ve had a handful of very personal defining experiences that have shaped who I am – teaching me compassion, humility and self-confidence. Corvette Driving School wasn’t one of them. It was simply a blast! The first day-and-a-half was spent practicing heel-toe shifting; learning when to brake, balance and accelerate; identifying the quickest line around the track; how to hit the apexes; learning to trust your peripheral vision and a lot more.

It all came together on the final afternoon when we drove hot laps behind the instructor. He kept leading me faster and pushing me harder as I demonstrated my ability to keep up. I’ll never forget the clarity and focus. I was 100% in the moment -- which is, after all, what defines great experiences. Plus, I fully adhered to Rule #1: Keep the shiny side up.