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ford ecosport next gen reveal

ford ecosport next gen reveal

go small, live big

How do you get Millennials to show up for a product reveal and have them to share the experience onsocial media? You make it relevant to them and a helluva lot of fun!

The Ford Ecosport reveal in Hollywood was the first ever Snapchat reveal by Dj Khaled, one of the top influencers on Snapchat.

We took the key message of “Go Small, Live Big” and tapped into the cultural trend of ‘life simplicity’. People want less stuff and more experiences so we gave them a Tiny House village, a miniature petting zoo and bite-sized food vendors.

Over 3 days we hosted over 5,000 consumers and media. Our initial hashtag reached more than 20 million people with 40 million impressions. DJ Khaled sent out over 90 snaps, with more than 15 minutes of fully branded content to more than 6 million followers on Snapchat and 5 million on Instagram.

We arranged special product immersion briefings on the day of the event for automotive media, lifestylewriters and influencers to get up close and personal with the experience and the vehicle.

The end result was a breakthrough event that reached new audiences and garnered significant attentionand buzz during a very busy LA Auto show week.