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Lincoln: Aviator Preview Reveal

Lincoln Motor Company: Aviator Preview Reveal

The Challenge

As the first Lincoln vehicle to deliver fully on the product philosophy of “Quiet Flight,” the all-new Lincoln Aviator Preview was an important introduction for the brand. We needed to work inside the tight confines of Lincoln’s New York Auto Show booth to create a spectacular moment despite the space’s production limitations.

The Idea

Inspired by the notion of “Quiet Flight” and the Aviator name, we shot video of the vehicle at Spaceport America. Then, we looked to the auto show ceiling as a creative canvas. A giant lightbox already within the booth became a projection surface with moving sky imagery, artfully coordinated with the screen behind the reveal vehicle. Looking toward the stage or upward, the audience was immersed in the sky.

The Result

Our aeronautical reveal experience helped emphasize key messages that the media captured in their stories:

 “With a design inspired by the downward slope of an airplane wing, it’s styled to woo moneyed millennials turned off by aggressively sculpted alternatives.” – BloombergPursuits

“Lincoln's handsome new luxury SUV, the Aviator, uses the term ‘quiet flight’ to describe the planned driver experience. Where other mid-sized utility vehicles put the emphasis on zoom, Lincoln has chosen a calmer path.” – The Globe and Mail

“While designing the SUV with third-row seating, the automaker decided against the more aggressive lines that have appeared on vehicles in the past few years. Instead, it looked to the world of planes (duh, Aviator) for something a bit more fluid and the results are magnificent.”  – engadget