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mass personalization

mass personalization

In the age of cord-cutting, DVRs and on-demand content, one of the biggest marketing trends is the rise of brands trying to create content that connects with audiences in more personal, relevant ways. This trend is magnified exponentially as companies look to the future and younger consumers. More than 40% of those now between the ages of 16 and 30 are attracted to personalized goods and services, and 71% of these stated they would be prepared to pay a premium price for them. (Deloitte research paper 2016)

Marketers who create programs that deliver personalized communication en masse are positioning themselves to win the hearts and minds of today’s customers and tomorrow’s consumers.

making it work for our clients:

Escape New York -- We partnered with Escape The Room creator Victor Blake to create an innovative and personalized Ford Escape consumer ride event for those who wouldn’t otherwise attend a traditional ride program. Social media sharing shattered expectations.
Fiat Chrysler Consumer Drives -- We give more than 25,000 consumers per year personalized drive experiences in the vehicles that fit their needs and lifestyles best – from the Fiat 500 up to the RAM Pickup.
Audi R8 Short-Lead Press Drive – We made it easy for automotive media to create their own personalized content as they participated in the R8 drive. Our Media Concierge worked with each individual to coordinate the use of drones, camera cars, video crews and other media tools – even providing editing services.
Audi Brand Ambassadors – We reached affluent prospective Audi customers in one of the most personal ways possible – with elegant, hosted receptions at the homes of their trusted friends and colleagues.

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