gail and rice

things you should know about us

things you should know about us

For almost 100 years we have been activists in the experiential movement and champions of its cause.

As one of the earliest adopters of Experiential we have been on the front lines of the industry since the beginning and we have assembled a group of like-minded and diverse experiential hands and minds to drive us and our partners forward.

We believe wholeheartedly in the power of Experiential and take great pride and responsibility in our role as guardians and creators of its future.


In this technology-driven new world, we understand that human relationships are still the key drivers for success, and we pride ourselves in our ability to nurture and sustain long-term bonds with our partners, clients and employees. Our clients stick with us. Some for decades.

We hold our fellow Gail and Rice colleagues to very high standards and challenge each other every day to push boundaries and create ground-breaking and game-changing work.


Our undying commitment to our craft drives us to achieve the unachievable. Our teams possess an incredibly diverse set of skills but it is our never-say-never approach that yields never-been-done before results and flawless execution.

We won’t rest until you can. This is a mindset that can’t be taught and we recruit only those who have it.


Brains and brawn. Passion and purpose. Style and substance. We are full service.

We are thoughtful, strategic, shamelessly creative and obsessed with the production of every little detail. We are equally comfortable and capable in the board room and the control room; with pie charts and electrical charts; on stage, back stage, above and under the stage. We carry cameras next to drills on our belts.


We are brave and curious explorers. We understand that in order for your mind to accept new ideas it has to be open. We are always studying the world around us and imaging a world to come because we know that only those who dare to succeed actually succeed.

He who dares WINS! We encourage our teams to look and think beyond the task in front of them. Curiosity may have killed the cat but it is what keeps us alive!