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power of influence

the power of influence

Influencer marketing isn’t new. Companies have long used celebrities and influencers to attract audiences, deliver messages and promote brands. We should know. We began doing it more than 50 years ago by integrating headline entertainers and renowned speakers into corporate meetings and consumer events. But today’s mobile devices and social media platforms have upped the ante, while also turning the definition of an influencer on its head. Now, a skateboarder, disc jockey or socialite can have hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of followers.

The key to leveraging the power of influence is to make it genuine. That means choosing the right influencer, for the right audience and for the right product, service or message.

making it work for our clients

Ford EcoSport Media & Consumer Reveal: It was the first-ever Snapchat vehicle reveal by DJ Khaled – an influencer chosen specifically for his connection to younger consumers who are expected to make up more than half of EcoSport buyers. His Snapchat reveal was the highlight on opening night of an EcoSport “Go Small. Live Big.” street fair we produced during press week of the Los Angeles Auto Show.

VW Passat Reveal Event & Concert: It was one of those truly special experiences – a private Lenny Kravitz concert, staged on a crisp and clear autumn evening at the Brooklyn Naval Yard with the Manhattan nighttime skyline as a sparkling backdrop. The attendees were a select group of media, influencers and VIPs, and the occasion was the global reveal of VW’s Passat, its all-new American-built family sedan.

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