gail and rice

Robert Iverson

robert iverson

In our agency, it’s not just one large commitment that drives us to create and execute at the top of our game – rather, it’s the thousands of small, shifting, and sometimes painful commitments that we make every day. I carry this same daily dedication to my personal passion of cycling, racing, and triathlons. There is nothing that inspires me more than seeing the sun come up over the velodrome during an early morning workout; wrapping up a 100 mile ride in 100 degree temps while relishing the sweat and the ache and the accomplishment; or running through the changing seasons on a forest preserve trail covered in leaves.

Every production requires a multitude of creative solutions, and it’s during these hours of pounding out the miles and sweating through the pain that I work out the largest problems in my head. Each morning is a new opportunity to find something new in me to push a little harder, and each morning is just another one of those small commitments...