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Valerie Globish


valerie globish
project accountant

I like problem solving.  I like looking at situations globally, taking different aspects into account.  Those who know me well call me ‘the voice of reason’ and I like that too!. Ahhh, thanks dad.  Dad showed his business acumen and respect for all people by example, not by pushing to have himself heard at every turn.  In fact, when he spoke, people stopped to listen as surely it meant he had a well-thought message to say.   When my father retired as General Manager of Kmart Headquarters in Troy, they gave him the usual executive retirement party at an upscale hall.  However, due to so many requests from employees at every level from within and from across the country, the company did what they’d never done before or since his retirement day.  They loosely closed the entire building, had a catered lunch for all the employees and allowed anyone to come bid him farewell.  They actually had a phone line installed for people across the country to call in as well (obviously before cell phones!).

I witnessed story after story of how he was in business as I knew him in everyday life:  Non-judgmental, eager to help someone in need, showing how to take on responsibility and own a problem even when it’s uncomfortable to do so, always giving a quick smile or wink, sometimes a little personal  advice when asked.  And always treating people equally.  Until that day he was just my father, after that day he was also my mentor.