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vw alltrack media drive

vw golf alltrack media drive

a day in the life.

Successful media drives are about more than the vehicle. Yes, product is still – and will always be -- number one. But brand is a close second.

At every media drive our job is to make sure participants experience and appreciate a vehicle’s design, performance, capability and features. But it’s also critical to find creative ways to give them a true appreciation for the car, truck or SUV’s character, how it enables owners to do the things they enjoy and how it makes them feel.

Our Volkswage Golf Alltrack media drive did it all. Alltrack is an adventurous wagon that gives its owners the capability, performance and adaptability that enhances their active lifestyles.

So, we took media on a “day in the life of an Alltrack owner” adventure that started in Seattle, ferried across the Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island and featured opportunities to learn kayaking, go hiking, explore a nature conservatory and play Pickleball – all while experiencing and learning about the all-new Alltrack.

Hidden behind all of the fun were the logistics that made it happen – including drive routes, media, client and staff accommodations as well as vehicle transportation, prep and upkeep. And, most importantly, we did it all in a manner that ensured everything the attendees touched, saw, heard and tasted helped communicate the brand.