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vw atlas santa monica pier reveal

vw atlas santa monica pier reveal

A colorful and fun auto reveal and press conference.

Combine an iconic American venue, that just so happens to have a roller coaster and Ferris wheel, with displays and activities around classic vehicles – toss in a beautiful autumn California ocean-side evening and locally sourced food and drinks – and you have the recipe for an innovative, informative and immersive automotive product media reveal. The star of the evening was the all-new Volkswagen Atlas – the company’s first-ever 7-passenger SUV.

We were there on that picture-perfect evening because our clients charged us with finding an iconic location where we could create a memorable experience for select media and VIP guests. The Santa Monica Pier was the ideal choice. In fact, it was the first automotive product reveal to ever be permitted on the pier.  

The venue allowed us to tie in VW’s iconic place in American culture with the California beach scene of the ‘60s and ‘70s. And as the endpoint of Route 66, the pier was spot-on with VW’s Atlas positioning for American families and their adventures.

Our team constructed a clear-span structure on the pier deck for the drive-on reveal and press conference. The custom-built set included a stage, vehicle turntable and LED video walls. The lighting and printed surf scene-inspired graphics created a colorful and fun look – which was further enhanced by the fact that the structure had a clear roof to allow the light and energy on the pier to enhance the scene. Even the lights on the Ferris wheel were VW blue and white.

Despite this incredible ambience, the Atlas reveal and press conference with VW’s new CEO and other team members was the main attraction. The exclusivity and intimacy of the event gave media direct access to the executives and ample opportunities to ask their own questions so they could create personalized content for their publications and sites.

Following the press conference, media and guests had private access to the amusement park – including rides, games, food and a VW Microbus photo booth. We also staged an Atlas for the perfect hero shot with the Ferris wheel and nighttime sky in the background.