Gail & Rice
original. experiential.

who we are



We are one of the originators in the field of experiential marketing. We have a history that spans nine decades. And while we are incredibly proud of our past we don’t live in it. It serves as the foundation for how we stay original in our thinking, always looking for new ways to communicate.

We strive to be the first to an idea or a concept so our clients stand out, and always push our team to never settle for what’s already been done.



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We believe in the business; the calling; the craft of experiential marketing. We do one thing: we create truly memorable experiences. It’s all we’ve ever done since the 1930s. And it’s all we will ever do. We come from a long line of creators and makers. People who believe that the best way to get to know a brand or a product is to be immersed in it. To touch it. To feel it. To taste it. To smell it.