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Audi: "The Charge" e-tron Global Debut

Video provided by Audi Communications

Audi: “The Charge” e-tron Global Debut

Winner of 2019 ExAwards Best Press Event

The Challenge

As Audi’s U.S. event communications agency of record, Gail & Rice spent more than a year researching and planning the North American debut of e-tron, their new all-electric SUV. The event expanded into a global debut for a live audience of nearly 1,600 international press, social media influencers, VIPs, government officials, dealers and employees.

The goal of the event was to generate media impressions, drive consumer demand and pre-sale reservations, and build enthusiasm and product knowledge among dealers and employees in order to effectively sell the Audi e-tron.  

The G&R team worked with agency colleagues and a host of partners to create engaging experiences at locations across the San Francisco Bay area.

The Result

  • 93 million traditional media reached

  • 633 traditional media stories

  • 10.5 million livestream views

  • 37 million social impressions

The Idea

Every touchpoint of the event was designed to tell a high-tech story about the e-tron ecosystem being developed to support Audi customers.

  • 50,000 sq. ft. content-rich learning environment featuring TED Talk-style seminars, electric concept cars, exhibits, digital apps, augmented reality and holograms

  • 292-foot sternwheeler boat outfitted with furniture, floral, décor, audiovisual gear, lighting gear and branding elements offered a sophisticated dinner venue with spectacular views of the San Francisco skyline

  • A fleet of Intel drones performed a choreographed ballet that culminated in a stunning visual of the Audi rings in the night sky

  • Custom-designed, plasma ball prop offered a literal interpretation of “lightning in a bottle” to emphasize the CEO’s opening remarks

  • e-tron SUV covered with fluorescent masking gridline graphics to convey its dynamic shape in concert with wireframe CG content on the LED wall

  • Dramatic misdirect of light, sound and moving LED wall “transformed” the gridline vehicle into the reveal vehicle

  • Glowing LED wristbands pulsed in time with the music and environment

  • Electrifying post-show party featured celebrity guest DJ, Diplo

Photography provided by Audi Communications