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Kia: Telluride Reveal and Consumer Drives

Kia: Telluride Reveal and Consumer Drives

The Challenge

For the 2019 North American International Auto Show, Kia wanted to create a press conference that stood out from the familiar auto show landscape. They weren’t looking for polished flooring, gleaming chrome brand badges or high-tech video walls. They needed an experience that was as rugged and exciting as the new flagship SUV they were about to launch.   

The Idea

We worked with our Ride & Drive team to build an off-road track on the auto show floor that doubled as a press conference stage and interactive consumer experience.

Natural materials including dirt, limestone rocks and tall pines were used to transport journalists and consumers to Telluride, Colorado, the historic mining town turned luxury ski resort that inspired the name of the vehicle. To top it all off, we used CGI animation to create a photo-real waterfall on a massive LED screen.

Then, we replicated the entire drive experience for consumers to enjoy at the Chicago Auto Show.

The Result

  • 15,000+ people experienced the Kia Telluride torque track over the course of the Detroit auto show

  • 900+ people expressed interest in the vehicle

  • 400+ reached out for further information

  • 3,400+ videos were captured

  • 26,400 Facebook impressions

Consumer Feedback:

“It was nice to see what a Kia SUV can do.”

“This is amazing. I love this. I need to get one to put on my farm.”

“I like the Telluride and this display … very cool idea.”

“This is the best display I have ever seen at this show.”