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Volkswagen: Atlas Reveal

Volkswagen: Atlas Reveal

The Challenge

Volkswagen wanted to introduce the all-new Volkswagen Atlas, their first-ever 7-passenger SUV, to media, influencers and VIP guests in a memorable way that would also celebrate the VW brand’s iconic place in American culture.

The Idea

We hosted the event on Santa Monica Pier: the endpoint of Route 66 on the California coast, complete with a roller coaster and Ferris wheel. It doesn’t get more all-American than that. And to this idyllic picture, we added displays of classic VW vehicles and décor that recalled the California beach scene of the 60s. A giant clear-span tent housed a colorful, custom-built set where the all-new Atlas made its debut along with top-notch live entertainment.  

The Result

The experience clearly made an impact. More than a few of our guests picked up on the positive vibe and all-American atmosphere of the event and mentioned it in their stories:

“This past weekend I was privileged to be on the Santa Monica Pier at the end of historic Route 66 as the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas was unveiled, ushering in a new chapter in the company’s American history.” – Gayle Turner, MomStart

“… the party was a cross between a Silicon Valley product launch and a Hollywood premiere. On the perimeter, vintage VW buses stood in as photo booths. Caricature artists, hired for the event, turned engineers into jocks, and reporters into superheroes.” - NPR